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Oil Seal basically consist of three components i.e. Metal Reinforcement Ring made from CRCA Steel Sheet, Garter Spring made from Galvanized / Stainless Steel Spring wire and sealing element which is made from Nitrile Butadiene Rubber (NBR)  Compound, Polyacrylic (ACM) Compound, Silicone (VMQ) Compound, Fluoroelastomer (FPM) Compound and PTFE (TEFLONE).
Oil Seal - Technical

We manufacture Oil Seals of different designs which facilitate the users to select the right Seal for the required Application. Click Here for some common designs of Oil Seals : Oil Seal Designs

Oil Seals are used for various applications in a vehicle. Click Here >> Oil Seal Applications to learn more on applications of an Oil Seal in a vehicle.
We have modern in-house facilities to manufacture Oil Seals of all sizes and designs. The entire cycle of Oil Seal manufacturing from Rubber Processing, Press Section, Moulding, Finishing, Inspection to packing is in-house.
We also manufacture Oil Seals with Hydrodynamic Design to incorporate additional sealing patterns on the Sealing Lip.
For the service to our customers, we also guide them on th proper fitment method of Oil Seals.
We have a modern quality testing lab with all the required Oil Seal and Rubber Testing Machine including the Endurance Testing Machine.
Here is a Checklist to avoid Oil Seal Failure.


We are making the products as per international quality standards and have been exporting to US, UK and various countries in Europe and Asia.




We are after market oil seals manufacturers for the following Automobiles makers:
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